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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Taking a break seems to be a bit of a trend for me. This is my second disappearing act in the course of my 3 years of posting on here. Im not really sure i have a solid excuse this time though, life just really got in the way. As someone who considers himself to be a "creative", the balance between maintaining mental stability & being consumed with work / the struggle to survive is hard to achieve. This past summer i did a bit of traveling and i went weeks with out any internet / phone connection which was honestly therapeutic for me.

I got some time to myself, practiced new hobbies, learned more about my culture, read more, got to know myself in general honestly. It was a great experience, but when i came back to LA i think reality hit me a little too hard. I was feeling down cause life was super unstable for me, in terms of finances and everything really. So i had to really shift my focus and remember what i want to do but more importantly why i wanted to do it. Once i got to take a step back and understand my motives, it pushed me to get started. Im still getting the hang of it, its all a work in progress.

The difference now, is i'm trying my best to be practical and disciplined. I've been lacking discipline for some time, and it began to effect all aspects of my life. I think its safe to say i've learned my lesson! Anyway enough rambling about why I've been gone, instead lets focus on me starting to post again finally! Im in a much better head space and i now feel personally connected to this space, which means i don't feel 100% myself unless i make a post. Its become a huge outlet for my creativity and self expression. So expect to see much more content, some of which are going to be more personal / expressive than before. Hope you guys will like the new change x
Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

I'm totally agree with you.

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Tiffany Zimmy said...

Wow! Love this post thanks for sharing!
Xx, Tiffany Lea

Bri said...

I'm also feeling similar often. I do once in a while little "mobile detox" -- I put my phone away for the whole day and try to focus more on the things around me. I think it's crucial, even for the creativity in general.


Ivana Split said...

Digital detox is so important! Sometimes taking a break can really help us fill up our creative batteries. So, I don't think taking a break is necessarily a band things.

Happy holidays!!!


Ticket for Adventure said...
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Deasy @ Rose Gold Rhyme said...

It's funny, I feel like I just wrote a blog post speaking about how absent I've been with my blog, mainly because life has been taking over. I hope you're able to feel better next year!


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