Reveuse Mag Issue 1 | Andrey K

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I've had the idea of starting a little online magazine for probably over 2 years now. I know my friends and family have heard about it more than they would like. So its with a lot of excitement and a little nervousness that i am finally posting the first issue! I really don't want to over complicate this project of mine ( project is a fitting name for now ). My site has always been about self expression through menswear and my ideas, passions and interests also happen to center around this topic. So of course this project is just another extension of that. Usually i am a perfectionist and tend to over complicate the simplest tasks which is why this time around i will allow this magazine to flow freely and artistically. There are no rules, no set agenda, no rigid theme or anything like that. Its going to be an extension of myself & also hopefully an outlet for other creatives to express themselves and their  vision. Anyway that's enough rambling, on to the first editorial. Hope you guys enjoy, please let me know what you think / what you would like to see from me in the coming weeks! x

Garden of Andrei
Model: Andrey Kupchenko
Management: Two Management LA
Brands featured: FRENN | FAAN
Photography & Styling by Mikey Tadesse
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