Vince Ramos

Friday, January 6, 2017


In a city filled with dreamers Los Angeles has a way of helping people find themselves & their true passion. Vince Ramos is a prime example of this, with over 18,000+ followers on Instagram this long haired model has developed a passion for fitness and producing striking photos. This is Vince & I's second time shooting together and this time around i really got to delve deep into the mind of the florida raised fitness model. 

Im sure most of us can agree 2016 was a tough year, and for those of us who live in the united states its even harder to process all thats happened this year. However with that being said i wanted to bring in the new year by my first editorial style post here on my blog. I have always been fascinated by people and loved hearing their stories, interests and passions. So with this post being the first in my new series lets have a chat with Vince himself. - How did you first get into modeling?

Vince Ramos - I've always had a great appreciation for the human body, the desire to use my body along with other variables in photos as a creative outlet started on my first test shoot back in 2010. 

MS - Whats your perspective on androgyny in relation to fashion? 

VR - I think its sexy and cutting edge. Fashion in every aspect is an expression of what we're feeling. The merging of the masculine and feminine traits in fashion is excitingly progressive. 

MS - Who or what inspires you?

VR - My family is certainly a driving inspirational force, the desire to make them proud is huge. As a kid; before school my mother would religiously tell me " Be the BEST you can be" & that stuck with me over the years. Doing whatever i chose to do as best as i could and making the most out of everything.

MS - What passions do you have beside's modeling? 

VR - My greatest passion by far is fitness, developing my mind and body while also helping others do the same. The body we dwell in is a remarkable gift so becoming more knowledgable in how we take care of it is what i love to do. 

MS - What is your perspective on sexuality & how its used in modeling to bring about a striking and eye catching photo?

VR - Sex is our most primal impulse and doesn't dwell too much on race, gender or origin. To create any captivating art piece one should aim to connect with others & sexuality is a vehicle to do so. Mind you it can be done with remarkable taste or complete lack there of. 

MS - Have any new upcoming projects in the works?

VR - I am very excited to be currently working on my new Fitness / lifestyle website 

All photos were taking by Me

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