Fashion Forward

Friday, October 30, 2015

I’m sure most of you reading have heard about 3D printing. You know, that futuristic thing that produces 3 dimensional items from a printer? Well, that mind-blowing technology has now made it’s way into the fashion industry. Shapeways is a 3D printing service company based in New York City, and are the leading pioneer’s in integrating 3D designs into fashion. This relatively new technology is already making waves in the industry! From big projects like a fully functioning dress designed by Nervous System Studios, to creating accessories to use on Project Runway. Although this incredible technology seems impossible to understand, Shapeways does a really great job explaining the full process here on their Additive Manufacturing page. Now time for some visuals, here are some of my favorite products made with 3D printing. Hope you guys are as blown away as I was! 

Disclaimer: When i was introduced to Shapways and the amazing work they do, I was more than happy to learn more and share this incredible information with my readers. 

All the pictures used in this post are from Shapways website and are available to buy! |

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