Taking a break | 5 : 13 : 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Although there's nothing more i love than posting here on my blog i'm going to have to take a little break. My current situation is a bit complicated and there have been many things occupying my time lately, with my moving situation, buying a car and enrolling for school its a lot of stress to deal with. This hiatus will really help me focus on the big things happening in my life right now so by the time i come back my stress will be cleared and i can focus on what i love most which is blogging! By June 10th - 15th i will be back to LA hopefully situated by then and i will be back to posting weekly, i plan on increasing my content quality and producing more personal style posts for you guys. I hope you understand, i will see you guys very soon! x - MikeyStyle 

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