All about positivity | 12 : 16 : 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Although my blog is primarily focused on fashion and lifestyle posts i like to make posts here and there sharing my thoughts and feelings on certain things im going through. Its a way for me to vent my feelings and frustrations and also a way for anyone reading to start taking my words into thought. Now Im not an expert when it comes to happiness, i mean i have days where i just feel like absolute crap. I think everyone has days like these, and thats okay. Days like those are what show us how important it is to be happy and how we should never take anything for granted. Its okay to be sad/angry/stressed just as long as you don't let those emotions consume you. Sometimes i fall into this rut where i over think everything and i over analyze my problems and make them seem much bigger than they actually are. This habit of mine makes my life a lot harder than it needs to be, its a work in progress but i know one day ill find myself and i will find true happiness & success. Until then i will take every day with joy and make sure i live my life to the fullest extent possible. I have a tendency to hold on to things that i should be getting rid of, now this can include people and also memories. One of the lessons iv learned through my 19 years of life is that letting go of anything or anyone that doesn't bring positivity to your life is something you have to do. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or puts you down constantly than having them around is only going to hurt you in the long run. Since moving to LA iv been looking for a fresh start, to meet all new people and have brand new experiences and after 3 months iv realized that i still have some baggage thats been with me for a while. I can never hope to have a fresh start if i hold on to this baggage, you have to remember to step back and really just reflect on your life. Once you do so, theres one important question you need to ask yourself, "Am i happy?" if the answer to that question is anything but an absolute "yes" than you need to make a change. Life is way too short for you to be unhappy, happiness is attainable no matter what the circumstances all it takes is a little effort and trust me it'll be worth it. After all nothing in life is worth having if you didn't put any effort into attaining it. To close this blog post up just remember: express every emotion but only cling on to one of them, which is Happiness.

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