Announcement // Zenn Magazine | 11 : 19 : 2014

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Iv been working on a project for a while now, this project is a fashion magazine called Zenn. Iv been in the process of making this happen for about 3 months now and although im not completely finished iv never been closer to releasing the first issue. I got the idea one day when i was on issuu scrolling through my favorite online magazines, then i thought about how to incorporate my love for fashion and photography to create it and thought "hey why don't i try to start a magazine" granted i was in the middle of watching ugly betty that month so i'm sure that had a little influence haha After this thought had occurred to me i decided to tell my friends about it and see what they thought, my good friend Alex who happens to be a great photographer loved the idea! After much deliberation and self doubt i decided to put together a mockup of how i want the magazine to look. I used images from various fashion articles to put together my "dream" magazine, i put this mockup on which is an online magazine website. After finishing this 25 page mockup and receiving good feedback i really fell in love with design and the whole idea of bringing Zenn Magazine to life. Now im just working on changing all of the pictures to my own and creating an organic first issue which will be released this new year. Im so excited to put together this issue, this magazine means a lot to me so i cant wait to share it with you guys.

It would mean so so so much to me if you guys could go and follow Zenn on 

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