Trip to Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas | 10 : 26 : 14

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So this past weekend my friend and i took a little trip to Vegas which was honestly a much needed trip for us. After arriving in vegas and settling in the apartment we were blessed to stay in, we took a trip to red rock canyon which is a beautiful desert park with beautiful views and of course red rocks! I dont know what it was about the desert but i felt so at peace while we were walking around. I dont know if it was the beautiful blue sky or the amazing desert views but i was happy as can be. Im sure after you see these pictures i took you'll see why i loved it so much. Also, my iphone has really been surprising me lately, the pictures iv been taking have come out so beautiful. Its also thanks to the apps i use to edit, which if you're interested in knowing i shall do a separate post on them!

| Jacket : thrifted |
Jeans : H&M 
Shoes : Nike | 

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