Womens ready to wear Spring 2015 Picks

Friday, September 26, 2014

In the world of fashion womenswear is the biggest part of the industry. With most of the fashion consumer's being women the women's collections presented during fashion week get more attention. With all of this in mind womenswear and menswear can both influence each other as they have in the past. Even though this is a menswear blog i will definitely be featuring some of my favorite womenswear collections and outfits all throughout the year. Which is why i'm showing some of my favorite Collections presented for SS15.  

Lanvin Spring 2015

The luxury & elegance presented in the Lanvin show was more than apparent it was phenomenal. 
I love the tailoring of the dresses and the colors are absolutely amazing.

Michael Kors Spring 2015

MK is usually known for their clean chic looks that are mostly light colored. Now of course he stayed true to that in this collection however there were pops of color all throughout which i really love. 

Christian dior Spring 2015

The clean look of this collection blew me away. As you can probably tell iv been all about white this season and this is exactly why. Look how clean and elegant the clothes are, and the print on the sleeve's? WOW

Versace Spring 2015 

I dont think iv ever disliked any collection Versace has ever presented. Donatella has never failed in my opinion and this collection is another success. I don't think i even have to go in depth of what i like its just perfect.

Moschino Spring 2015

Now Moschino has presented the most iconic collections this season. I mean the barbie inspired outfits have been all over tumblr and on almost every fashion blog.The pink outfits bring a playful yet stylish vibe and if that isn't spring inspired i don't know what is.

Image source: Style.com

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