Apartment decor inspiration | 9 : 23 : 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So since i moved to LA about a month ago iv been thinking about getting my own place soon. Im staying with some family until school starts in the spring and all i can think about lately is going apartment hunting and picking out decor. Im very much into the all white aesthetic, of course with some splash of color. I know that white decor can be tricky since it can get dirty easily but im thinking about dark grey furniture but all the walls, bookshelf's, curtains and tables will be white. Lately i'm also really into having plants around me, i just like seeing real plants in my living space and caring for a living organism is such a spiritual thing to have in your home, i know that sounds really out there but oh well. I think plants not only add a pop of color but also make a living space feel more cozy and inviting. Overall i'm really into having a white and black living space with splashes of green and brown for those earthy colors. Ofcourse the floor will be wooden hence the brown color in the space. 

These are just some pictures i found on pintrest that really popped out to me, i love the decor and how the space is used and i hope my future apartment looks this good!

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