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Outfits of the week

Iv never really posted outfits i wear on here yet which is weird considering my blog is called mikeystyle haha but i honestly wanted to shoot some high quality looks which is why iv been hesitant. Anyway here are some outfits that iv been wearing a little too frequently lately (oops .__."). I had to take these pics with my trusty iphone 5, sorry for the low quality pictures ;~; 

Shirt // H&M | Shorts // American Apparel | Flannel // My dad | Shoes // Addidas | Bag //H&M

Shirt // H&M | Jeans // H&M | Button Up // American apparel | Sandals // Thrifting

Shirt // H&M | Jeans // H&M | Button up // American apparel | Shoes // Addidas | Bag // H&M 

Hat // Banana Republic | Shirt // Calvin Klein | Pants // Banana Republic | Button up // Calvin Klein  

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